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Super Easy LED Light for Prusa Mini  

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Super Easy LED Light for Prusa Mini

I placed my new Prusa Mini in a room that doesn't have great lighting and wanted to be able to see the print progressing a bit better.  I happen to have a handful of small magnetic LED lamps that attach to machining equipment and they looked about perfect for the task.  There is no good point to attach that is magnetically attractive, so I simply glued a steel washer to the top of the Z axis.  This gives a very strong hold yet allows easy positioning and removal of the light as desired.  My lighting method is certainly nothing special but I thought it would be worth sharing.  Note these are AC powered rather than DC, thus will need to be plugged into a wall socket rather than wired into the mini.

Lights like this are cheap and readily available online.  The specific model I am using is from Amazon (out of stock currently):


Posted : 03/11/2020 1:49 am
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