Prusa mini Fysetc clone - log of a journey  

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Hi All,

this post is just to share my experience with the fystec clone of the prusa mini.

First why a clone? since (lucky me) money is not the main driver I could buy the original one from Prusa, what make me the decision was the lead time, more than 2 months are really too much moreover I like building and tweaking stuff. So I bought the kit on aliexpress (spain store) and PETG parts from ebay (spanish seller) , one week later I received both, just in time before the severe Christmas lockdown here in Italy.

I assembled the whole printer thanks to the Fysetc video and pdf guide. Everything straight except the extruder shaft diameter too big that forced me to file it a bit.

So I started printing and what I got?

first print quite good, then a nightmare endless sequence of: 

  • poor bed adhesion
  • oozing like hell
  • heatblock leakage
  • high odour even on petg
  • nozzle always clogged
  • underextrusion
  • holes on top layers
  • unreal stringing especially on PETG
  • noisy bearings
  • lowered down the temperature by 20c on all filament profiles to get a decent print.

after 3 weeks I was very angry (with me since I decided for an unsupported clone) I I've been really close to give up as every time I disassembled something to fix an issue something else turned out. 

Then I decided to don't give up and try to improve the beast.

this is my current mod list:

  • replaced the extruder by a geared bondtech clone, this boosted a lot the reliability of the printer, no more underextrusion nor holes on top layers. absolutely recommended.
  • replaced the heatbreak with a bondtech clone (aliexpress), this allowed me a good assembly of the heatblock, I discovered that the heatblock on the clone is 0.5mm higher than the original one so it is difficult if not impossible getting a proper assembly of the nozzle to heatbreak. leakage, odour and  clogs gone away. mandatory mod for every clone owner.
  • avoid acetone or anything else "magic" to improve 1st layer adhesion. just keep the bed clean with hot water and dish soap avoiding finger on bed. No more first layer adhesion issues. of course remember to use PEI on PLA and powder on PETG.
  • Since moisture is high where I live I converted a salad box with dryer salt and a filament clean filter to avoid moisture and dust on the filament spool.
  • Silicone bed leveling mod. Nice, really nice. maybe the firmware doesn't need a perfectly flat bed but the feeling while seeing "Your printing bed" so flat is really good (at least to me). Ah, I need it as my Y carriage is tilted
  • fan duct rev C, I reworked it to put the fan vertical it seems fine but I'm not printing PLA at the moment. let's see. 
  • Still working on bearing noise, most noise is due to the frame tilted. not sure I want to spend money for high quality rod and bearings.

Then I started tweaking the firmware, don't know why but I didn't need to broke the pcb, unsigned firmware are allowed on my clone:

  • changed the hotend thermistor type from 5 to 1. now the stringing gone away and also switching back to stock filament temperatures profiles are allowing a perfect print quality (finally).
  • changed extruder steps and direction according to bondtech clone
  • enabled the SKEW compensation as I realised my printer is tilted on all axes due to tilted printed parts, thanks to it I'm now able to reprint and replace parts, my goal is disabling the skew by getting the frame straight.
  • played with motor current, waste of time, stock profile are good.  
  • increased the hotend fan pwm as the clone runs at 3000rpm, now is 4500rpm (5500 is the maximum achievable by that fan), oozing gone.

that's it now it print very well, the feeling is that it is also reliable.


I would repeat the choice of the clone instead of an original one? probably not as I'm having a good printer after 2 months, waiting for an original one could be lead in the same result with almost zero effort. At the same time I'm not worried anymore since I'm now able to handle most of the issues I could get on a 3d printer. So in the end I'm still happy for the choice as I learned many stuff and now I'm confident on accuracy and quality of my prints.

Hopefully somebody find it useful.

Have fun!






Posted : 20/01/2021 7:54 pm
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I came to the same conclusion:

I have been printing with one for months.  It works, but the extra cost for an Original is worth it.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 20/01/2021 8:04 pm
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sorry for bothering you again. Found the Configuration_A3ides_2209_MINI.h file and managed to change the firmware to my needs. My stringing problem is completely gone after setting the thermistor to no. 11.

But with the modification of the hotend fan, I am running out of ideas... I tried several things and tried to understand how the prusa firmware sets the pwm value but I haven't found a solution yet.

How did you change the hotend fan speed?


It would be great to get some help here.


Best regards




Posted : 23/02/2021 5:22 pm

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