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Mini Plus Upgrades  

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Mini Plus Upgrades


I am just compiling a list of updates I would need to do to make this machine more reliable. Does anyone have an essential list of things that should be upgraded for this printer and not so much nice to haves. 

For instance I saw that you should make a longer pfte tube

Posted : 31/08/2021 12:35 pm
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The only upgrade I recommend is the Bondtech dual drive extruder, which makes the printer much less sensitive to different filament types and brands. The Trianglelab clone is $30, worth every penny.

I know many people swear on upgrading the heatbreak to a stainless steel one (eg Bondtech) to address heat-creep issues, but I haven't experienced any on my Minis with the stock heatbreak, so the Bondtech ones I bought are still sitting in my drawer.

Beyond that, I consider everything else cosmetics. 

The only other suggestion I have for something that makes a meaningful difference—and this is not strictly an upgrade to the machine itself—is to put it on a 16 x 16 concrete paver, with sorbothane feet underneath, to minimize vibrations and noise. 

Posted : 31/08/2021 11:09 pm
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I agree with @fuchsr.  I upgraded the extruder to a FYSETC dual gear extruder and it is really nice.  Those are only about $15.  I also don't like the fittings Prusa uses, but that is personal preference more than anything.

Posted : 01/09/2021 2:27 pm
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I have only got the Bondtech extruder upgrade. I have their heatbreak in the spares-box. (was too cheap to not include at the same time due to shipping).

Still on my original fitted ptfe in heatbreak and between hotend/extruder. Put 2 rolls petg, half roll abs, half speel pla thru it so far.

I did put some oil on the first 200mm extruded filament to get the inside of ptfe-tubes, heatbreak and nozzle lubed up.

Tevo Nereus.
Prusa Mini+ kit. BondTech extruder....
Posted : 01/09/2021 3:06 pm