MINDA as a filament sensor  

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Just ordered the SuperPINDA. And now I am thinking it should be possible to recycle the old MINDA as a filament sensor 🤔 

Checking the schematics, the circuity is very similar. But the plug will need rewiring 4pin v 3pin.

My though was a ball in a tube, that is moved when the filament is in place. I believe a similar arrangement is used on the MMU.

Posted : 24/11/2020 7:21 pm
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Should work.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 24/11/2020 8:06 pm
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if you do, are you planning to also use OctoPrint?
Because right now it ignores it (link).

Posted : 06/12/2020 4:12 pm
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No, not using Octoprint, though I have tried it 😀 

Waiting on the fabled Prusa Connect Local.

I was just printing off a first prototype of the MINDA holder this evening.


Posted : 10/12/2020 8:36 pm

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