How bowden tube replacement with capricorn affects stringing
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How bowden tube replacement with capricorn affects stringing  

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How bowden tube replacement with capricorn affects stringing

Hello there!

I did a small experiment with replacing the bowden tube with capricorn (and other PTFE too, save the hotend one which is still stock). I had a hyphotesis that a loose bowden tube would make retraction dependent on the tube curvature. Thus I thought replacing the existing bowden with a capricorn would make the retraction more consistent.

There seem to be a very minor difference in artificial stringing test, but not noticeable difference in a benchy. The stringing test result looks maybe more drastic that it really is; I did similar tests when replacing the other PTFE tubes, and there was variation, where some results were almost as good as with the capricorn bowden installed.

I had replaced other tubes with capricorn prior for mostly looks. The test prints were done in an enclosure, and nozzle was cleaned before each print. The benchy was the gcode which came with the machine, and the stringing test was sliced with a 0.2mm default prusa slicer profile without modifications.

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Posted : 30/07/2021 4:30 pm
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Did you replace the Capricorn for print quality or did you like to look of the tubing?

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Posted : 31/07/2021 2:10 am