For Braveheart only: Custom Firmware which enables UART6 (ESP01-S and RPi Zero)

For Braveheart only: Custom Firmware which enables UART6 (ESP01-S and RPi Zero)  

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Hi All,

I compiled my own firmware that enables the UART6 in order to use the ESP01-S or (as I do) a Raspberry pi zero W.

Attached the diff file of changes I did for any braveheart that wants doing something wrong...

edit: here the link as diff are not allowed

I've also enabled the skew correction as I found it useful while my frame was skewed. It is zeroed so it won't affect anything unless M852 gcode commands are sent.

I won't share my firmware.bbf as it contains many other mods that are useful only on my mini and won't work on Your, so please don't ask for it.

A couple of remarks:

- if Your mini explodes.... I'm sorry man but it's up to You, no warranty. Do it only if You have a clear idea of what You are doing.

- ESP3D works but I found it useless as the sdcard handling gcode commands are not working

- octopi18 running on raspberry pi zero takes a couple of minutes to connect from boot time, (octoprint logo appears on mini display) after that it works well.

- the code is not perfect nor optimized, it's just working but it happens sometimes that the resend counter on octoprint is not 0 (on mine I get as average 1 resent packet every 100k gcodes lines) but I can live with that.

I wired the rpi zero directly to the esp01 port on buddy board so it is powered up directly from the mini, I also tweaked the octopi in order to use the gpio uart instead of the usb uart so 4 wires and it works.

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Posted : 07/03/2021 3:23 pm
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I forgot to mention credits:

the code for proper HAL DMA interrupt taken from:

the way to use usart6 in buddy firmware inspired by:

octopi tweaks to use gpio serial port instead of USB here:



Posted : 07/03/2021 9:04 pm

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