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Cheap & fast enclosure  

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Cheap & fast enclosure

Recently I wanted to print some small parts with various, more challenging materials, like ABS and Nylon. For this I created a custom enclosure, just for the print bed and hotend. It isn't fixed anywhere and if the Z-axis goes up, so does the box (which looks very unprofessional ;-)). Having the bed heat up the inside of the box before printing, it got me better results than without (less warping).


Fred Jan

box front view box side viewnn box inside view

Posted : 05/03/2021 8:52 am
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RE: Cheap & fast enclosure

Just don't leave it unattended for extended periods.

Excessive heat and cardboard are not a good mix. Cardboard makes very good tinder 👌

Tank you very much!...
Posted : 05/03/2021 9:18 am
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RE: Cheap & fast enclosure


It didn't burn the house down yet, but that isn't a garantee for the future. You shouldn't trust "Cheap & fast" solutions too much.

The hotend can get quite close to the box-wall...

Posted : 05/03/2021 10:09 am
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RE: Cheap & fast enclosure

Very view enclosures are flame proof.  I used foam board and lack tables from the craft store.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 05/03/2021 10:57 am