Any Mobile App developers, Idea for Prusa Connect Mobile  

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Anyone amateur Mobile App developers on this forum?


I have an idea for a Mobile App. Basically Prusa Connect Mobile. That polls the Prusa Connect API on the Mini and provides a notification when the print has finished.


The Mini uses a very simple API, a web call to: http://mini_ip_address/api/telemetry returns a JSON array:

{"temp_nozzle":215,"temp_bed":59,"material":"PLA","pos_z_mm":4.29,"printing_speed":100,"flow_factor":95,"progress":76,"print_dur":" 59m 48s","time_est":"1080","project_name":"MotorBike_0.15mm_PLA_MINI_1h17m.gcode"}

Posted : 08/10/2020 11:03 am

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