Z-Lift on Initial Move Directly AFTER Initial Purge Line
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Z-Lift on Initial Move Directly AFTER Initial Purge Line  

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Z-Lift on Initial Move Directly AFTER Initial Purge Line

Hello, I am wondering if PrusaSlicer has the ability to apply a z-lift to the extruder on the initial move directly after the initial purge line.


Here is the observed behavior:

-Print started, extruder and bed preheats

-Once preheated, extruder homes itself, then does bed mesh level sequence

-Extruder completes bed mesh, returns to home, creates a thick purge line

-Immediately after purge line, extruder travels directly to start of print, at I believe the printing height of .2mm


This causes issues with my current project where I am printing multiple colors from a single extruder, 1 layer thick. I print one color as a file, then when finished, unload filament, load new color, then load next file. Unfortunately, PrusaSlicer has a habit on the 2nd (and 3rd, 4th, nth) file to run the extruder on this initial move directly over the previous color laid down. These results in little color globs being left on the wrong color printed. Once it starts printing, it properly z-lifts on any travels and I have no issues. I am just looking to add this Z-lift to this very first move...

See for general idea of how I am multicolor printing.

An acceptable alternative (although undesirable) would be adding this z-lift to the individual part files gcode. I am having a difficult time identifying where and what to add however.


FINALLY, the pie in the sky question/request. Is there any way to tell PrusaSlicer WHERE to begin the print? Currently when slicing, it will pick a start point typically far away from the home position. If possible to help alleviate the above issue with dragging color globs over previously printed areas, I would like to ask PrusaSlicer to begin the print as close to a coordinate, lets say X = 0.00, Y = 0.00. I believe this is an option for creating a seam, but my prints are only 1 layer tall...


Thanks for all the help. See pictures below of general concept of multi-color printing... I can upload a gcode file but do not know how.


Posted : 23/10/2021 4:09 pm
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You can do this in your start g-code

For the prime line adjustment, you can do this easily in the start gcode. I do a non-extruding wipe motion, followed by a bit of lift. I've got a documented example here that might be useful.

There was a lengthy thread on this recently. IIRC, the behavior is that if you've specified a z-lift value, the slicer will insert commands to lift to that height before moving from the end of the purge line to your print, where it will move to your specified 1st layer height. If you've inserted commands to move it differently, the "safety" z-lift will not be inserted. If you're really interested, I could try to find it again. Unfortunately, the search function isn't the best.

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Posted : 23/10/2021 7:45 pm