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Wipe tower question  

Woodrow Collins
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Wipe tower question


Long time owner of a prusa mk3s and mmu2s so moderately familiar with multi material functionality.  Lately I have ventured into a bit more tuning when it comes to color transitions and material changes and am running into a problem I just for the life of me can't figure out.  So I get what the tower is used for and the need for it, but the issue I am running into is when the filament is placed onto the tower and reaches the end of the unloading lines and starts the tool change procedures I have the hot end move away from the tower and then the various gcode steps start for tool change.  However when that move occurs there is a small pilar of filament left behind where the hot end stopped (almost like an ooze but not certain its actually extra filament from inside the hotend, it might be).  This occur's each and every time a color change needs to happen and since the transition stops in the same place if the small leftover filament isnt removed it will cause the hot end when transitioned back to collide in later layers (after things have cooled over time and the small bump hardens enough) and some times cause a miss-step when moving back to the print area resulting in a layer shift.

So I am curious about 2 things.  First off, is there a way to manipulate the wipe tower so that transitions of tool head changes dont always fall in the same area OR the hotend during the unload procedures continues off the wipe tower into an area that isnt surrounded by filament?  And two, anyone have any idea on how to prevent the small pilar of filament?

I am attaching an image of what I am talking about.  Sorry for the quality but this should help out with my explination.

Posted : 29/11/2020 6:06 am