Wiggles, why?  

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So I've sliced a threaded tube which was estimated to take 2.5 hours. With my inexperience that felt like too long so I took a cross-section of the path to look for unnessacary movements. What I found was a bunch of wiggles on the inner face of the threads (pink). Is this a normal path?

The model for reference: 

The slice:

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Posted : 04/12/2020 8:09 pm
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There doesn't appear to be anything attached.

The forum only allows a very limited amount of file types.  It does NOT allow gcode, stl files, 3mf etc.

Basically use File>Save As from Prusa Slicer to save a 3mf file.  Zip the 3mf file into an archive and attach that here.  The forum accepts zip files.
the 3mf file is the best way to debug Prusa Slicer issues as it contains all the profiles you are using and the models too.  So we can duplicate your slice setup exactly.  We can see the preview when we slice it and also check all the settings.

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You make a very good point, it's attached.

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