Support layer strange resolution 0.01mm. Bug or not ?

Support layer strange resolution 0.01mm. Bug or not ?  

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On a print of 0.07 height for the perimetres I've notice that my prusa mk3S clicking only on supports print.

Looking more closely at the slicing result in prusaslicer, I noticed that the slicer produce for support layer several layers of 0.01 height !


For me 0.01 height is too small even for the prusa mk3s.


Is this a slicer bug or is there a parameter to force the supports resolution to be the same height (equal of the perimeter height) ?

on the image below, between layer 120 and 121 there is 0.01 and we can see that it is not the only layer like that.

Thanks for your help

Posted : 21/09/2020 8:42 pm
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Sounds like an error that should be reported on PrusaSlicer GitHub as an issue. The developers will look here.

Have a look at my designs on Thingiverse or on PrusaPrinters ;)...
Posted : 22/09/2020 12:16 am
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Supports are completely independent of the layer height but should be limited to the min/max defined in the printer extruder settings. So it definitely sounds like a bug and should be reported. 
There is a setting under print setttings to make supports match the object layer heights though in the meantime. 

Posted : 22/09/2020 6:11 am
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@area51 @neophyl

thanks for your replies. I will report it to the developpers.

I see the option "synchronize with object layer" in support material tab but it disabled. I've read that it can only enable for multi extruder but it's not my case :/.



Posted : 22/09/2020 7:12 am

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