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I have this model that i would like to amend the automatic supports, it appears as though only the top curved bit require supports, so the automatic generated support is a waste of time and filament.


I thought if I made a support like this it would only print a ‘tower’ and then support the top part



However this doesn’t seem to work, and it appears to be ignoring it and filling in all the internal to the model.

Hope this makes sense,

Posted : 27/09/2020 11:38 am
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Not to push a competing slicer, but Cura has an option (which I have seen but not tried) where you can draft an object, not just kludge it together with primitive solids, and use that as your support.

PrusaSlicer is my main go-to slicer for the MK3S, but I admit that it's weak in many aspects of supports, and I use Cura in some cases where PS does not perform as desired.

Posted : 27/09/2020 11:45 am
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Support enforcers (and blockers) dont work like that.  They do not define areas where there will be support directly.  They work by where they INTERSECT with the part.  So the areas of your model that come into physical contact with the modifier you are basically then telling Slicer to support those areas.  It will then use the normal support algorithm to provide support to those areas.  

By placing them where you have you are telling slicer to support the entirety of the top and so its then generating support that goes from those upper areas downwards.  If you placed a blocker at the bottom it would still do that as blockers arent a 'keep out of this area' but as mentioned just mean don't support this part of the model.  

If you want fancy support tailored for a specific model then its best to model them in just where you need them yourself, into the model.  Many designers who actually design for 3D print do this as they are aware of the limitations and advantages of the process, rather than just designing the object itself, often which is difficult or impossible to print in the first place.

Id say the only bit that actually needs support on that model are the letter cutouts, the frame will print without and should bridge across.  However PS will have trouble with just supporting the lettering as its support algorithm is very aggressive and will want to support outwards from the model which will then try and create support downwards to the build plate.  Personally I would add a thin 0.45 layer in the letters to support them which I would then remove afterwards. 

Posted : 27/09/2020 1:43 pm

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