Snapshots = All profiles deleted

Snapshots = All profiles deleted  

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Greetings all,

This may be addressed somewhere else but I could not find specifics with snapshots.

FW 3.9.0

PrusaSlicer 2.2.o
Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041

So having a guess that snapshots took a snapshot of a particular configuration I clicked Configuration -> one of the snapshot selections. I do not know which menu selection I clicked but I was not given the option to save anything and I didn't see the window pop up with the snapshots to select from but everything wiped. I was in a .3mf file which had you know the file name before each item. and that was it. No defaults no filaments no printers and none of my custom configurations. I ran the config wizard and it restored the defaults but all of my custom configs are toast. Any idea how to undo this or restore all the custom configurations? Where are they/were they stored? I open the Help -> Show Configuration Folder and the folder names are there but they are now empty....

Appreciate the time and the assistance,


Posted : 18/09/2020 5:26 am
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From what I can tell the configuration snapshots are system automated of the state of the system when it does things like updates (for both the software or for configuration updates only).   There is also the Take Snapshot option which takes a current one.  I have never used it previously (never noticed it had been added) but when I rolled back to the earliest one in my list it added a new one that mentioned pre-rollback on xx/xx/xxxx so it looks like it takes one when you use it.

The configuration folder has a sub folder called snapshots, is that still there and if so does it have any folders inside ?

The previous mechanism to save all your custom profiles is to use File>Export>Export Config Bundle.  This will save all NON System profiles for Print, Filament and Printer.  You can then use Import config bundle to restore them.  It does not save the system ones from Prusa as you can use the wizard to get those back , just your own.  Its something I do semi regularly to give me a backup.  You might want to start doing similar.  

If you have lost them all, then you may not be aware that any g-code you generate will have the print settings also stored inside it.  You can actually load the configuration used to slice it using File>Import>Import Config and then selecting the g-code itself.  That might help you to restore the ones you have used.  Once loaded you then save it as a config as normal.

Posted : 18/09/2020 7:32 am
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HA! Seems they are there, but why would when i clicked whichever would everything have been removed... In my thought process it would create a snapshot but not remove what is currently there, i must have really ticked off the Prusa Gods with whatever i did. Appreciate ya!

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Posted : 18/09/2020 8:18 am

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