Recommended thin wall thickness calculation - bug?

Recommended thin wall thickness calculation - bug?  

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I tried to understand how prusa slicer calculates the recommended thickness wall depending of the number of perimeters :

The formula of this calculation is the following :

recomended_wall_th = nb_perimeters * extrusion_width - layer_height * (1 - pi / 4) * (nb_perimeters - 1 )


for layer_height from 0.05 to 0.20mm the extrusion_width is 0.45mm

for layer_height 0.30mm the extrusion_width is 0.60mm


For more details : 



Here a summary with the MK3S standard settings using the latter formula.

Something goes wrong under prusa slicer for 0,3mm layer height or my formula is not good  (see red values in the table)


Soemeone gets a clue ? My formula is not the good one or that is a little bug in prusa slicer ?

Thanks for your help.

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