PrusaSlicer (Not Responding) on Apple MacBook
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PrusaSlicer (Not Responding) on Apple MacBook  

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PrusaSlicer (Not Responding) on Apple MacBook

macOS Mojave & prusa3d_mac_2_3_0

PrusaSlicer began to fail to launch after I created custom file names in Print Settings, Filament & Printer fields.

reinstalling PrusaSlicer did not help. what did help was:

  • 1. Close all windows so that the toolbar at the top of your screen says "Finder."
  • 2. Press shift-command-G with your Finder window open.
  • 3. Enter the following command into the search box: ~/Library/Application Support/PrusaSlicer/
  • 4. Click "Go." This will bring you to the folder that contains all of your PrusaSlicer cached files.
  • 5. Delete all files in the cache folder and also in the vendor folder.
  • 6. Restart PrusaSlicer


Posted : 18/08/2020 1:39 am