PrusaSlicer 2.3.0 - support for small file really messy to remove.

PrusaSlicer 2.3.0 - support for small file really messy to remove.  

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Hi All,

I designed a small dust cover to go over the top of the Z axis motor for my new Prusa Mini+.


First print from PrusaSlicer, I did with the text face down on the print bed, but the support was really messy to remove.
Next I tried rotating the file so that it was 180 sitting on the print bed like a small table with the support underneath. 
Again, the support was really messy to remove and left a lot of stringing artifacts. 
Finally, I reverted to what I'm more familiar with : Cura and my Ender 3 - And got a result i'm happy with.  


See photos attached.
1A First print (mini+) - Facedown - Txt BAD <- Support side
1B First print (mini+) - Facedown - Underside GOOD
2A Second print (mini+) - Faceup - Txt GOOD
2B Second print (mini+) - Faceup - Underside BAD <- Support side
3A. Third print (ender3) - Faceup - Txt GOOD
3B, Third print (ender3) - Faceup - Underside OK <- Support side


On the premise that this item needs a support for the built plate, what are the settings that I need to print a support that will remove cleanly. 

Currently the settings are : 
"0.20mm QUALITY @ Mini". 20% infill / generate support.
210 hotend / 60 bed. 
Material - eSun PLA+

Prusaslicer 2.3.0. (Mac). 

Note the images that are on the 'Prints' prusa site listing are from my Ender 3 print using Cura 4.6.2. (I'm more familiar with Cura than Prusaslicer).


I don't think this is a printer issue, but a 'user' issue with PrusaSlicer.


Please advise setting I can use to get a cleaner support removal from the product. 


Any queries, please ask. 


Thanks in Advance. 



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Posted : 20/02/2021 3:09 am
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Generally it's easier to print embossed text, it means you can put that side on the bed and that overhangs are so small you don't need support.

Posted : 20/02/2021 10:12 am
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First your model isn't actually 'square' or at least how you placed it isnt in PS.  Notice the surfaces that your text is on  (both outer and inner faces) have multiple layers. The Cura version doesn't.  That will be contributing to your problems.  If they were perpendicular to the bed it could bridge those areas.  As they are now that's not possible.

Towlergs point about the text is a good one, recessed text is easier to print.  That would allow that face to sit on the bed, be perfectly smooth and have the text.  All without any support at all for a minor adjustment of the model.

What support settings did you use in slicer ?  The default settings are not very good.  For some reason they are set to a contact z distance of 0.1.  Supports are always difficult to remove at that distance.  Some of us use a minimum of 0.2 and some use 0.25.  Also increasing the interface layers up from 2 to 4 can help removal to.

Even with PS its capable of doing a better job than you got if the placement and correct settings are used.

All this is moot though.  Its a known fact that at the minute PS does not support flat areas as well as some other slicers.  If you searched this very forum you would find several previous threads where this has been discussed.  With pictures, test pieces etc all laid out, settings used etc.   However if Cura is giving you the results you want then by all means use it.

Posted : 20/02/2021 10:27 am
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To confirm, do you mean 'deboss'? text. Ie. Pushing the text into the solid.

If so, I think I understand your response. Thanks. 


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Posted : 21/02/2021 6:36 am
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Debossed, never heard of that. The letters in your photo are raised above the surface they are sitting on, embossed letters are sunk into the surface. If I read your ref correctly, then I've misused the word embossed.

Posted : 21/02/2021 10:22 am
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Embossing means to raise above the surface. I’ve not come across Deboss before but that does tie into the Latin root word.  Normally I see it described as recessed. 

Posted : 21/02/2021 10:58 am
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Hi Neophyl and towlerg,


Firstly, Thanks to you both for your responses. 


First your model isn't actually 'square' or at least how you placed it isnt in PS.

I will have to revisit this and ensure that it is flat on the bed. I did see the layering in the top and thought this may be the case. 


I did search the forum after posting, (yes, wrong order I know). And found information from 'Bobstro' which users are reporting are giving better results. 


Here are the settings I use for removable supports:

  • Contact Z distance: 0.25mm
  • Pattern spacing: 3mm
  • Interface layer: 3
  • Interface pattern spacing: 0.2mm
  • Interface loops: OFF
  • XY separation: 75%
  • Don't support bridges: ON

Using these settings, supports remove easily and I can get reasonable results even with fine miniatures.


I will test these settings and see if I get the results I need. Although Cura did work for me on the Ender 3, that's not the intent for purchasing a Prusa Mini. Keen to try to work in the Prusa ecosphere with Prusa Slicer. 

The deboss comes from a commercial offset print terminology, used for (typically) with book covers are 'depressed' or 'recessed' (as you noted). It is the opposite to having an emboss. 

Thanks again.

Aussie. 😊 



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Posted : 27/02/2021 12:55 am

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