PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 - FINAL  

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There is no doubt its a nice feature, but Prusa have stated that its just a proof of concept.. Its not something easy to impliment and the results vary.. To the point that it has no practical use..

Have a look at one of their recent videos.. They address this as a Q&A near the end.. The put an offer out to anyone to show a practical use for the feature and then they will consider it. But for now, they just think that its a fancy demo...


So if anyone can demonstrate a practical use for this, get in touch with them...

Posted : 14/10/2020 3:04 pm
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I can't download it:  I went to the download site and it tells me that the windows version is 2_2_9_1.  But when I try to download it I get a windows error that "the source file could not be read".  What am I doing wrong?

Posted : 31/10/2020 8:08 pm
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