Prusa gurus please is there a way to make the top layer all one pass.

Prusa gurus please is there a way to make the top layer all one pass.  

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This is an emblem where lettering starts occurring the software will try to add infill under the lettering breaking up the smooth top layer into segments. Is there a way to make the top layer of the disk one pass then the lettering will be on top of that. Makes for a a nicer emblem.

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Posted : 02/12/2020 10:39 pm

Can you post the Project file for us to look at?


you can save the project in slicer file menu, then Zip it, and attach when posting to the forum!

regards Joan

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Posted : 04/12/2020 2:40 am
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I believe you are struggling with the same issue as in this post

have a read but as Joan suggested if you zip up and attach a project we can take a look for you. 

Posted : 04/12/2020 6:21 am
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That is exactly what Im trying to do.

In another slicer I'm able to select those top layers in a process and do solid infill and it will give anything on top a full solid layer.

I will try some of the suggestions in that post. ThankYou


Posted : 04/12/2020 12:41 pm
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Since this is a customers design I cannot post it but you can get any design with a flat top and lettering and the top layers will always have separate  infill almost like it wants to add outside layers but then it doesn't and causing the top layer to have holes under the lettering and it to stop and starts the top layers at different points.

Love this slicer and beats simplify 3D I just wish it its easier to just add a modifier option to have solid infill to top layers with the objects that are going to be applied to that top layer and not  be affected.

Posted : 05/12/2020 4:26 am

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