Printing Continuos Single Layer Patterns with Prusa Slicer??
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Printing Continuos Single Layer Patterns with Prusa Slicer??  

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Printing Continuos Single Layer Patterns with Prusa Slicer??

Hi everyone,

I would like to print a pattern where my squares can be stretched (hopefully), as in the picture:



I want the zig zag part as a single line, printed without interruptions.

I tried to use "detect thin walls" but the zig-zas pattern has retractions in different parts. The zig zag has a width of 0.4mm is the cad file.



I tried to avoid "detect thin walls" and I adjusted the extrusion width to consider all the zig zag pattern but the first layer was lost.



How can I print the zig zag in a single line, without interruptions? The width is not important for me, I just want the extruder to extrude continuosly some material to connect the cells.


Is it possible with Prusa Slicer or better to use tools as Full Control G Code?


Thank you very much





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Posted : 14/11/2021 12:36 pm
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RE: Printing Continuos Single Layer Patterns with Prusa Slicer??

For issues like this people need a saved copy of your project file.  File>Save As from PS will generate a .3mf file with the models and ALL your settings.  Its a snapshot.  Secondly to attach a 3mf file it MUST be zipped as the forum wont accept the file type otherwise.

Thin walls has issues and shouldn't be used in cases like this.  If you are using a 0.4mm nozzle with a standard prusa profile ? (cant tell without the project) then your extrusion widths are going to be set to greater than 0.4.   Due to geometry the switchbacks in the zigzag are also likely to be smaller than you think too.  Also with a standard profile it likely has elephants foot on which means the first layer of the zig zag is likely to be lost.  Again with the project this is something we could check.

What is also possibly tripping you up is that sometimes depending on what a modifier makes different PS can slice the modified area as a separate section.  This can cause all sorts of oddities like extra perimeters etc.  It doesn't look like that's the case here but I cant be sure without the project.

Then theres seam positioning....

See why attaching a project is so important 🙂

Posted : 14/11/2021 1:14 pm