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Hi all,

I'm trying to replicate a gear and one of the things I need to copy is a ring on either side of the gear. Please see attached.

To avoid printing supports I had a brainwave - I can print the ring on the top of the gear, flip it over and get the printer to print the ring on the other side. To properly align it, I was going to print some guides on the belt to assist in positioning the gear.

The issue I've come across is that PrusaSlicer wants to snap the ring to the bed, whereas really I want it to print 14 mm in midair.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 30/08/2020 2:27 am
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That's going to be horribly difficult to align 🙁

I generally approach this sort of problem in one of two ways:

Either print the ring seperately as an insert. leaving a space to slot it in the lower face of the part.

Or split the part in two horizontally, invert one and join them post-print.  You'll need to add keyways to keep the result in alignment.

Posted : 01/09/2020 5:55 pm
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As the ring looks like some form of spacer that keeps the rest aligned on an axle does it even need to be a part of the main object at all anyway ?

If I has to be then I would do what diem suggests, redo the part so that area is recessed and then do a separate ring that is taller and can be glued into the recess. 

Posted : 01/09/2020 6:09 pm

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