Plater Tab not displaying printer bed or updating - Info only

Plater Tab not displaying printer bed or updating - Info only  

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This isn't about an issue with PrusaSlicer, just something that took the better part of an afternoon to figure out when trying to use the software on an older laptop... just in case someone else runs into a similar issue.  I only found one thing describing an issue like this, but for a much older version of "Prusa Slic3r".

Everything installed fine on my Thinkpad T520 (with Win10 Pro) and both PrusaSlicer v2.2.0 and v2.3.0a4 would start without any errors, but the "Plater" tab was just a big grey box.  The other tabs all appeared to function normally, but the last tab would remain in the view when attempting to switch to the "Plater" tab.

After trying various stuff, things, tweaks, and foul language, it turns out that the "updated" video drivers provided by Microsoft for the Intel HD 3000 and NVidia NVS 4200M are lacking a LOT of functionality.  Luckily NVidia still provides a driver install package which supports that device, after updating the drivers the "Plater" tab shows the printer bed and everything seems to work.



Posted : 26/11/2020 11:25 pm

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