New to PrusaSlicer - blobs and zits

New to PrusaSlicer - blobs and zits  

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many times I tried to use Slic3r and prusa slic3r and now PrusaSlicer

It gets better and better and I'll like to adopt it as my main slicer.

Print surfaces are nice but I encounter some troubles with little blobs on outer surfaces, similar but smaller than these from S3D guide.

I use random/nearest seam position on conic/cilindrical prints and blobs.

My machine has bowden.

I used the same parameters I use in S3D but in S3D there is the coast at end parameter that isn't available in PS (I didn't see it)

I know that prusa printers have linear advance to correct these artifacts. My printer doesn't..

Can you suggest some work around?




Posted : 08/06/2020 10:08 am

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