MMU2S multicolor prints everything in one color

MMU2S multicolor prints everything in one color  

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I am trying to get my own multi color design to be trinted with my MK3S/MMU2S, but everything prints in the same color. 
I used PrusaSlicer 2.1.0, using the default configuration for my .4mm nozzle. I reset the configuration prior to my last attempt.

After loading the 3mf file, I set the parts to different extruders. In preview everything looks ok.

When printing, the object will be printed in one color only, and does not switch colors.
My MMU seems to be functioning. In singe color mode I can manually select other colors.
I created a simple, dual color object that also gets printed in one color.

What could be the problem here?

Posted : 17/11/2019 4:28 pm
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I will repost this problem in another thread, for the problem lies not in the gcode, but in the printer.

Posted : 18/11/2019 1:49 pm
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I have the same issue, but not all the time, I don't know what causes the occasional single color printing. Did you get an answer to your question?

Posted : 21/02/2020 7:31 am
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Not sure if it's related to using Octoprint or not, but if you are using OctoPrint to do your print's you have to make sure you tell Octoprint that your printer is a multiextruder printer with a shared extruder otherwise it ignores the tool change commands.  I had this issue and could print fine from the SD card, but would only do single color through Octoprint.  Updating my printer settings in Octoprint fixed it.

Posted : 06/03/2020 11:31 pm

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