MMU - Filament vs Extruder - Soluble Support Options

MMU - Filament vs Extruder - Soluble Support Options  

Dave Elvig
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I'd like to print an object with a non-flat bottom, using supports, and ideally, a soluble interface material.

I'm trying to sort out the options

In Plater, I have the Filaments set as in this picture:

In Print Settings I have this:

It results in a slice like this:

I have Wipe Tower disabled, because when enabled, it gives me this warning:

What I want is an easy-to-remove support with minimal hassle.

1) Is there a primer on use of the MMU and soluble filament?  I've read the "manuals" and a number of posts (including one that noted confusion between Filament settings and Multiple Extruder settings)

2) I have the latest MMU and MK3 (with one hot end).  Am I using the Print Settings\Multiple Extruders settings correctly


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Posted : 24/05/2020 10:15 pm

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