Looking for some support with supports

Looking for some support with supports  

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Hey everyone, new to the forum itself but frequent visitor of the site which is brilliant.

Made the move over to Prusaslicer around 9 months ago and have loved it! 

One thing I feel i've had issues with though is models that are needing supports and with that quite a lot of the time the supports are rather hard to remove and then leave quite bad marks on the prints due to it being so difficult to remove carefully, some occasional prints I feel it's almost impossible to remove haha

I've included my support settings below (hopefully it works as it shows in post preview)

I really appreciate any help or guidance 🙂
Support settings

Posted : 26/03/2020 11:52 pm
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About the only difference to my regular support settings is that my x/y separation is set to around 75% and I have my interface layers set to 5.
If they are sticking too much after that then you could increase the Z distance to 0.25.

Depending on the size of the model and the level of small details it contains I will also adjust the pattern spacing between 2-5mm .  Oh yeah and one other tip that can help is to change the pattern angle, but again that depends on the model.  I find that a 30-45 degree angle with respect to a side wall can make it easier as it changes where Prusa Slicer puts the support slightly.

Also I pretty much never use auto generated support anymore.  Its far too aggressive.  Just use carefully placed support enforcers to support the area that need it.  I find even though it takes extra time to place them/slice, adjust re-slice and check etc that in the end it saves me time as the removal is easier or just plain easy.

If you do use auto generated then the Overhang threshold has a few niggles with it not working at the angle you think it is so experimenting with that can also help, but as I say with enforcers that's not something I need to do often.

Why dont you save one of your projects that you have had trouble with (save as from the menu which will save the entire project and model as a .3mf file,), zip it up and attach it here and let people have a go with it.  They can then save it back here with how they would do the supports.  It can be a useful learning experience.  I know I learned a lot from people like Bob and Tim when they posted their examples.

Posted : 27/03/2020 7:16 am
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That's one thing i'm yet to give a try on Prusaslicer being custom supports, until today i've been using auto-generated and there's definitely times where it could have done without it so custom supports would probably help the issue in a lot of places. 

Before I go ahead and share the files i'll update the X/Y, Interlace & Z distance and have another crack at it and see what I get and go from there which from what you're saying sounds promising. 

I'll report back later on with the results and hopefully all will be good.

Posted : 27/03/2020 10:17 am

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