Latest Version Skipping Retract After Skirt?
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Latest Version Skipping Retract After Skirt?  

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Latest Version Skipping Retract After Skirt?

I've been fighting print quality issues with Simplify3D, and figured I should see how PrusaSlicer works on this model.  I haven't used PS much, and when I opened the program, it noticed there was an update, so I installed that.  Step 1 was to run an extrusion multiplier calibration, with a single wall cube.  I don't recall running into this before, but every print has a fairly solid connection between the skirt and the model.  Here a picture:


I don't know if this is new behavior with 2.3.3, if there is a setting someplace I'm missing, or if this filament is just extra oozy.  It's hardly fatal, but it's a bit annoying...

Ideas/suggestions welcome.


Posted : 09/08/2021 8:50 pm