Import 3mf files from Fusion 360
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Import 3mf files from Fusion 360  

Knatte Anka
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Import 3mf files from Fusion 360

Fusion 360 now natively support to export 3mf files and even is the default.

a Big problem i have is that if i import it as 1 part it sets the name to on of the bodys in file not to the filename.... and its not even the first body in fusion 360


anyone know when and it this is planed to be fixed?

running PS 2.3.1 

Posted : 14/07/2021 3:27 pm
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RE: Import 3mf files from Fusion 360

That is the default for the .3mf file format, I have no idea how Fusion 360 handles it, that's really an issue for a Fusion 360 forum...

3mf files use zip format.  If you rename myfile.3mf to you can open it and explore the content.


Posted : 14/07/2021 5:00 pm
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RE: Import 3mf files from Fusion 360

This will be a F360 issue as its the software generating the 3mf.  Different software uses the 3mf format differently.  For example you wouldn't expect a 3mf saved from F360 to store the extruder number or the filament/printer/print profiles as it doesnt know anything about them.  A project file (3mf) from PS will store that information as its part of what it needs to store. 

The object/body names stored in your F360 3mf file are whatever it needs and organised however it wants.  Try asking Autodesk to add a PS compatible 3mf format and see how far you get.  You never know they might.

Posted : 14/07/2021 5:01 pm