How store extrusion factor per spool for MMU2?

How store extrusion factor per spool for MMU2?  

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I see how PrusaSlicer stores an extrusion factor for each filament type, but in my typical case the MMU2 has filaments from various suppliers on the 5 spools, so even if they are the same filament material they likely need different extrusion factors.

I don't see PrusaSlicer keeping track of extrusion factors differently for different colors etc.

How do people manage this? Do you create fake materials so you can have one for each color/supplier?


Posted : 22/04/2021 8:52 pm
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I don't use the MMU2 yet but I created a specific material profile for Pineapple yellow Prusament because that under extruded, I just added Yellow at the end of the usual name.

Interestingly I've been printing half the day using a Fillamentum profile and Fiberlogy filament and not noticed a difference despite there being separate Prusa profiles.  I wondered if there is a way to compare differences in profiles like a system file or something as I can't open two versions of slicer to look at them side by side.

Posted : 22/04/2021 10:18 pm
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You can open the PrusaResearch.ini file in any text editor.  Its probably located in resources>profiles (well it is on my machine).  As the structure uses an inheritance scheme you get blocks of entries like such :-

[filament:Das Filament PLA]
inherits = *PLA*
filament_vendor = Das Filament
filament_cost = 25.4
filament_density = 1.24

One chosen at random, it inherits the PLA profile with 3 changes, vendor, cost and density.

The PLA profile base has 

inherits = *common*
bed_temperature = 60
bridge_fan_speed = 100
disable_fan_first_layers = 1
full_fan_speed_layer = 4
fan_always_on = 1
fan_below_layer_time = 100
filament_colour = #FF8000
filament_max_volumetric_speed = 15
filament_type = PLA
first_layer_bed_temperature = 60
first_layer_temperature = 215
max_fan_speed = 100
min_fan_speed = 100
temperature = 210
start_filament_gcode = "M900 K{if printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_MODEL_MINI.*/ and nozzle_diameter[0]==0.6}0.12{elsif printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_MODEL_MINI.*/ and nozzle_diameter[0]==0.8}0.06{elsif printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_MODEL_MINI.*/}0.2{elsif nozzle_diameter[0]==0.8}0.01{elsif nozzle_diameter[0]==0.6}0.04{else}0.05{endif} ; Filament gcode LA 1.5\n{if printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_MODEL_MINI.*/};{elsif printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_HAS_BOWDEN.*/}M900 K200{elsif nozzle_diameter[0]==0.6}M900 K18{elsif nozzle_diameter[0]==0.8};{else}M900 K30{endif} ; Filament gcode LA 1.0"

but as you can see that also inherits from Common.  So the DAS Filament has everything from Common and PLA with the just the changes listed under its own settings.

Filament Common settings has 

cooling = 1
compatible_printers =
# For now, all but selected filaments are disabled for the MMU 2.0
compatible_printers_condition = ! (printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_VENDOR_PRUSA3D.*/ and printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_MODEL_MK(2.5|3).*/ and single_extruder_multi_material)
end_filament_gcode = "; Filament-specific end gcode"
extrusion_multiplier = 1
filament_loading_speed = 28
filament_loading_speed_start = 3
filament_unloading_speed = 90
filament_unloading_speed_start = 100
filament_toolchange_delay = 0
filament_cooling_moves = 4
filament_cooling_initial_speed = 2.2
filament_cooling_final_speed = 3.4
filament_load_time = 0
filament_unload_time = 0
filament_ramming_parameters = "120 100 6.6 6.8 7.2 7.6 7.9 8.2 8.7 9.4 9.9 10.0| 0.05 6.6 0.45 6.8 0.95 7.8 1.45 8.3 1.95 9.7 2.45 10 2.95 7.6 3.45 7.6 3.95 7.6 4.45 7.6 4.95 7.6"
filament_minimal_purge_on_wipe_tower = 15
filament_cost = 0
filament_density = 0
filament_diameter = 1.75
filament_notes = ""
filament_settings_id = ""
filament_soluble = 0
min_print_speed = 15
slowdown_below_layer_time = 15
start_filament_gcode = "M900 K{if printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_MODEL_MINI.*/}0.2{elsif printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_HAS_BOWDEN.*/}200{else}30{endif} ; Filament gcode"

Its quite easy using a compare function in something like Notepadd++ or if 2 filaments inherit from the same one then only the specifics under the filament will be applicable.  From a quick scan of the filaments many of them within a material type seem to vary only in things like cost, spool weights etc.

As for the OP question, yes you just create as many profiles with whatever settings as you like.  Have a particular colour that needs a slight setting difference, then modify the closest to get what you need and save the profile.  Same with your Print and even Printer profiles.  I cant remember the last time I actually used a stock profile to actually print anything with.  I have a Nozzle X fitted to my MK3 so all my filament temps are 5c higher than normal, I use usually have default fan cooling set to 70% as my fan was upgraded etc.  You modify to suit what works for your setup in reality. 

The stock profiles are good starting points and for many they wont need to change anything.

Posted : 23/04/2021 7:51 am

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