Help. Prusa slicer is creating odd non-flat layers

Help. Prusa slicer is creating odd non-flat layers  

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I created these custom flat plates with raised vector images and a raised border in Fusion 360 and export as STL, but when I slice them in prusaslicer, they look like this.  Everything should be flat, but for some reason it thinks one side of the plate is thicker than the other.

Any ideas? Is this a fusion 360 export issue?



Posted : 20/02/2021 2:11 am
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Could be the maths splitting issue mentioned in that github post.  You would have to post a saved project here (File>Save as to save a 3mf file from PS) and then zip it up to attach it here).  The forum doesnt like most file types so zip is needed.

Could possibly work out whats happening with just the stl but the project gives us all the settings you are slicing with so its far better.  Theres so many things it could be that having a complete picture helps a lot.


Posted : 20/02/2021 10:33 am
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And if you could include an export of the Fusion design as a .f3d file, that would be even better, to exclude or fix a design problem. Just looking at the picture I have no idea what's supposed to be wrong with it.

Posted : 20/02/2021 12:34 pm
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Thanks for the reply.  After close inspection, it turned out to be a flaw in my model.  I had accidentally extruded a very thin piece of geometry on one edge that led to one edge being 0.1mm thicker than the other on the back side.  So when I laid the model "flat" on the build plate, it was indeed thicker on one side than the other, though too small to see with the naked eye.  Tweaking the model fixed the issue.

Posted : 21/02/2021 5:13 pm

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