Forcing always to print no matter how thin

Forcing always to print no matter how thin  

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Is there a configuration setting in PrusaSlicer to always print all walls/outer surfaces no matter how thin they are?  I am shrinking some models and the surfaces are disappearing.  I know it may cause some distortions, but I would just use it selectively on certain objects.

Posted : 07/05/2021 2:38 pm

Hi Figment... 
I think you are out of luck, 
however there is a way of distorting models a little, 

XY size compensation increases the thickness in X and Y dimensions, if your model can stand the distortion it may well serve your needs 

smaller nozzles also help address thin elements.  but there is always a minimum size.... 

regards Joan

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Posted : 07/05/2021 9:03 pm
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What about Detect thin walls as a first step? It allows you to print walls smaller than 2 perimeters. But in my experience it can cause defects elsewhere so I don't use it by default.

Posted : 07/05/2021 9:11 pm

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