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Filament Purging  

Woodrow Collins
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Filament Purging

So I am attempting to understand how to fine tune the amount of filament that is purged during a wipe as well as overcome a small issue I am seeing during a toolchange.  Can someone validate my understanding on what is going on?  What I am seeing is after the print is complete and the hotend moves to the wipe tower it begins to purge a set amount of filament, once that process is complete the hotend moves to a position to perform a tool change.  During this step what I am seeing is a blob of filament still coming out the hotend while the toolchange steps occur.   Once the new tool is selected and the filament load process occurs the hotend moves back to the wipe tower and begins purging the new filament.

This of course is the expected behavior but where I need validation is from my understanding of the settings used to try and eliminate that small blob that is occurring.  To eliminate this I would think that I need to increase the amount of filament that is being purged or am I incorrect on this?  Also would retracting before a wipe help to eliminate this?  If I understand things correctly what I should make happen is a small retraction before the wipe tower and then the proper amount of filament be wiped from the hotend.  Or is my understanding completly wrong?

And if it is correct what settings would need to be adjusted to make this happen.  I believe the settings for the retractions are configured inside each extruder setting under the printer options but I am unsure of where the values for increasing the amount of filament that gets purged would be.

One thing I have made sure is that the extra filament coming out the hotend is occuring prior to the current filament unload and not due to the new filament loading but am having trouble understanding which settings would be used to adjust the behavior.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Posted : 24/01/2021 3:29 am