Feature requests. Solutions? or possibly already addressed?
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Feature requests. Solutions? or possibly already addressed?  

3DP micro
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Feature requests. Solutions? or possibly already addressed?

Using 2.3.0

Purge after Ironing-

Low flow during Ironing depletes a significant amount of my hot section then the next feature (if Ironing is not the top and last layer) is initially starved resulting in a failed print or at best, a blemish or void. I have been manually adding "move off part, purge then resume" via gcode but that gets daunting if I am tuning settings and/or have more than one surface to be Ironed. How should I resolve this? I mostly print with PEKK/CF and it is not really oozy or snotty so I cant be the only one that has encountered this. Love the feature though. I can get outstanding results on surface finish.

Avoid Crossing Perimeters, Max detour-

It appears there have been significant improvements over Slic3r but it would be sweet if the path could be offset well inside the model instead of just following (mostly) the outer perimeters. Long travel distances allow some oozing (even with tuned retraction) which results in blemishes to the vertical surface finish. Theoretically some syphoning from the nozzle may contribute to unwanted material being deposited on these outer perimeters effecting the finish. Z lift could be added to mitigate some of this but an offset away from the outer perimeter would give more flexibility. Thoughts?

Overall I was very excited to see Prusa take Slic3r and run with it. I have been using it since 2013, Slic3r-Slic3r PE- and now PrusaSlicer so I have a personal relationship with it LOL. Great job team.


Posted : 14/02/2021 2:21 am