ERROR: perimeter_extrusion_width=0.12 mm is too low to be printable at a layer height 0.16 mm

ERROR: perimeter_extrusion_width=0.12 mm is too low to be printable at a layer height 0.16 mm  

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I am having this problem with a specific print where I want to use a layer height of 0.16mm for most of the print and at the very end (last 10-20 layers) I want to use 0.08mm layer height. I already printed the part by adding a Range modifier and specifying a layer height of 0.08mm however, the part did not come out as I was expecting it. I noticed that the slicer was still using the layer width settings that are used with the 0.16mm height profile (it uses 0.45mm), and I believe this to be the issue.

I need the slicer to combine the 0.08mm layer height with a layer width of 0.12 (I took these numbers from the pre-established print settings on "0.08mm SUPERDETAIL @ CREALITY" print settings).

Does anyone know how I can get this to work? 

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.[caption id="attachment_84664" align="alignnone" width="600"] ERROR message[/caption]

Posted : 27/04/2021 1:28 am
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No experience with Crealty --- but if you set all of the extrusion widths to 0, the slicer will auto-determine the width based on layer height... I think.

Posted : 06/05/2021 7:53 am
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PrusaSlicer inherited Slic3r's somewhat quirky extrusion width settings.

  • If you specify a specific width, that will be used.
  • If you specify 0 for an extrusion width, it will calculate a "safe" width based on the nozzle size.
  • If you specify a percentage, the width will be calculated over the layer height.

@DaRay should be able to determine a "close" value based on layer heights. You'll definitely want to experiment to make sure you don't wind up with excessively thin widths, but it might be easier than trying to use extensive modifiers.

Here's a quick result using automatic variable layer heights with a 150% extrusion width setting:

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Posted : 06/05/2021 3:17 pm

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