CR10s PRO V1 or V2 Printer Profile? - Quality suffers when using Stock Profiles

CR10s PRO V1 or V2 Printer Profile? - Quality suffers when using Stock Profiles  

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I've been a Simplify3D user for 4+ years and while it has been super reliable, it does appear to be going fallow.  I'd like to cut over to, or at least add, PrusaSlicer but I've not been able to get the "stock" profiles for Creality to print with both the same quality and speed as S3D.

Currently, I'm having an issue with artifacts on one outer perimeter of the attached print.  I've tried to find the wipe settings but have not had any luck.

My set up is a Creality CR10s PRO V2 with a MicroSwiss All Metal hotend.  Everything else is pretty much stock.

As I mentioned, I've tried to use the full set of stock profiles (PLA, printer, and print) but haven't been able to get anything nearly as good for quality.  



I've linked 3mf for the print.!AimORme0uRDmicxwC6A2YmLhXVdsBQ?e=dkXmQD

Modifications have been to set acceleration to match the printer using the M501 command as well as boosting print speed up to around 80 mm/s.  In general that gets the print time down to close to the S3D profile, but quality suffers.

Any help would be appreciated

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Posted : 20/02/2021 8:43 pm

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