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CR10 S5 and 0.8 nozzle  

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CR10 S5 and 0.8 nozzle

Dear Community,

i'm using the great MK3S for small parts and using a Creality CR10 S5 for big parts printing. To spend some printing time by printing big parts i've changed the nozzle of the CR 10 S5 printer to 0.8 and i have (of course) some printing trouble. I've spend two days of configurating the prusa slicer and the result is "ok" but it could be nicer, but i don't know how. I've uploaded some images (calibration cube) of the result and my configuration and i hope that someone here can help  me and tell me what i can make better, which setting i should adjust? 

The main problems are the last top layer is looking ugly and the first layer dimenson is too wide.

The images can visit here:

Thanks forward for helping me.

Posted : 05/10/2021 3:00 pm

Did you set the extrusion widths to match the larger nozzle? and
did you set Elephant's Foot Correction?

I know this is a CR10,   8mm retraction seems a lot, My Prusa Mk2 MMU1 is a bowden setup, and the prusa recommended retraction is 4mm, but I use 2mm...  once you get the other issues resolved, you may want to look at trying shorter retractions. 
Similarly retraction speed at 1800mm/s seems awful fast too have you tried 60 to 80mm/s range?
again 50% infill seems a lot...

I would check your extrusion widths first...

regards Joan

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Posted : 05/10/2021 4:25 pm
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Thank you

Hi, thx for your reply.I've got my settings from any Website. 

The extrusion with is "0.8mm" (just uploaded a photo). I'm back in office on friday and i will check an test your suggestions. 
Thank You!!

Posted : 06/10/2021 5:40 am