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Color Print - MMU2  

3D color print
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Color Print - MMU2

i like to change color at a layer height using "Color Print" pressing "+" in "Preview" View
where can i assign the MMU2 filament slot / extruder

Printer asks me to change filament
but there is no option to select with the MMU2
i had to change filament manual at the active MMU2 slot

Posted : 03/08/2019 8:18 am
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TELDON Computer
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RE: Color Print - MMU2


I wanted some since I bought first MMU(1)
Really NEED this function, because manual filament change in MMU2 is a pain... 😉 😉 😉 

Posted : 29/08/2019 7:38 am
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RE: Color Print - MMU2

Yeah, thats not how Prusaslicer works for MMU. If you want to change at a certain layer automatically, you have to either

a) create 2 seperate STL-files, that each have a extruder (=color) assigned or

b) add a modifier, where you set the extruder - and asign the other extruder to the STL file.

This will lead to automatic changes - the "+" will only lead to beeping.


Posted : 04/09/2019 3:09 pm
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