Bridge calculation should attempt to find shortest bridge direction, or at least allow manual angle over-ride

Bridge calculation should attempt to find shortest bridge direction, or at least allow manual angle over-ride  

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I'm slicing a design that needs support and would like to use the "no support under bridges" It generates it fine, except that the bridges are suuuper long when the 90deg alternative would provide much shorter gaps to bridge over.

I think the slicer, when it detects bridging, should attempt to rotate the layer a few ways to search for the shortest bridge and then use that, or somehow allow users to manually set the direction.

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You can already manually set the bridging angle. There’s a setting for it. You can also set the angle as part of a modifier. 

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Yes, you can manually change it but I do agree with the OP that I rarely find the long bridges it seems to like to create by default to be the most appropriate orientation. 

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Ah I must've been tired. I missed the bridge angle option even tho I looked several times. Only ever found the option for support pattern angle. Thanks 🙂

Posted : 17/04/2021 11:51 pm
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PrusaSlicer 2.3 has a search feature that will call out the areas that pertain to your search criteria. <---( it will take you to it, and show you).

The Search can be accessed via several different areas

(1.) at the top menu in the main window

(2.) at the top of the settings window


You can also open it by using the drop down edit menu in the main window and selecting Search from the resulting list, or using the shortcut Ctrl+F.


Additional information: when opening the search dialogue in the main window it remains in a fixed location, and disappears after you have made your selection. you can open a second instance of the search dialogue in the settings window at the same time, the dialogue from the settings window will over ride and lockout the dialogue in the main window, however the main window dialogue becomes accessible again once the settings window dialogue has been used or closed

Note: The settings window dialogue can be dragged across multiple screens, and resized, but will not remember its position once closed. 


At least on Windows machines,


forgive me I was bored 😜




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