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avoiding rapid traverse  

J.P. Ryll
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avoiding rapid traverse

Hey there,

could one of you tell me how i cloud avoid rapid traverse, over void, in Prusa-slicer? (like the blue lines in the picture)

I try to print TPU an these thin Threads are horrible.

in Cura there is an option called "combing"

Thank you Mates!

Posted : 22/06/2020 3:48 pm
RE: avoiding rapid traverse

You can try the setting "Avoid crossing perimeters", but I think this function "is kind of broken" as travel moves will still be across perimeters and the movement is not optimized. I have seen several forum post about that problem.

Have a look at my designs on Thingiverse or on PrusaPrinters ;)...
Posted : 22/06/2020 9:41 pm
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RE: avoiding rapid traverse

There's an option in Prusaslicer to adjust the speed of non-print moves as well.

Posted : 23/06/2020 4:30 pm
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RE: avoiding rapid traverse

With a combination of "avoid crossing perimeters" and extrusion width adjustement, i think you will be able to print this with no traverse move or at least a lot less.

Posted : 27/06/2020 3:34 pm