Auto Cooling, what's the benefit?
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Auto Cooling, what's the benefit?  

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Auto Cooling, what's the benefit?

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Being a long time S3D user I just used fixed cooling for different filaments like 0%/100% for PLA, 0%/20% for ASA....

So what is the benefit of using auto cooling feature? Is it meant for specific filaments only?

Also confuses me why would someone turn off the cooling fan when a layer print time is above a certain time.


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Posted : 22/07/2021 6:50 am
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Its normally used to slow down printing (and thereby give longer cooling time) for smaller areas.  If tweaked right it can help when printing tall thin things like spires.

Its also on for pretty much all the default filaments that Prusa uses for their own printers so its not just for specific ones.

Posted : 22/07/2021 8:37 am
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Useful if you don't normally use cooling

You can also use it for things like only enabling cooling for parts of prints using filaments that don't normally need cooling. I had some PETG prints where I used it to add 30% fan near the top of the print where overhangs we're a problem.

It's useful when:

  1. Printing small bits (spires) where the nozzle will stay in one area for a longer period. The extra fan can help avoid sagging if you don't normally use much cooling.
  2. Slowing down print speeds so the fan has more time to cool.

Cura has one more feature to physically move the nozzle away which is nice if your cooling is sub-par.

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Posted : 23/07/2021 3:58 pm