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Adding text to an object.  

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Adding text to an object.

I have a tube that is printed on end (not laying down) I have text i want to print in a different color. i am using a Geeetech A20M. The text keeps going to zero in the z axis.  i need to rais it up to the top of the side of the tube because the bottom on the tube gets inserted into another tube. the top has an extension on it so i can not flip the part. I have my x and y correct but my z drops it back build plate every time I release it.  I can do this in cura but for some reason cura is not changing colors correctly.  the prime tower does extruder 1 fine bit not extruder 2 I have changed (30-160 it purges every layer on 1 but only on 2 when it needs to print bit letting out very little filament and prints in the same color as extruder 1 and prime tower has none of extruders 2 color in it) the values but does the same thing.


Posted : 17/08/2020 3:32 am
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RE: Adding text to an object.

Separate objects in slicer are always placed to the bed as you can not print an object in mid air.  Your second part has to be made part of the first object for slicer to treat it as one object.  All objects are sliced as individual items in Slicer which is why they can have different settings per object such as layer height etc.

Load in your first object (your tube) and place it how you want.  Then right click on it and 'load object' selecting your text.  You can now place the text wherever you want, even off the bed.  As long as some part of the object (which now consists of 2 parts) touches the bed then slicers requirements are met.  You are now responsible for making sure that it will print however.

The other consequence of them being part of the same object is that now slicer will slice them as one.  If you overlap separate objects then slicer will lay down plastic for both, making a great mess as 2x the plastic doesn't fit into 1x the space.  When combined they are treated as one and so slicing works correctly.  Its a different logic to cura and most other slicers.

Posted : 17/08/2020 6:58 am