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Part 4 - Matched Betting Guide for Beginners - Sky Bet New Account Offer

you hi guys in this video we're going to be looking at Sky Bet welcome offer which is when you place a five-pound bet they're going to give you 20 pound of free bets for this we're going to need obviously the Sky Bet calm website open on the promo page um I've actually like normal got two tabs open one is of the promo itself so I can read the terms and refer back to them and then once you've clicked on this red button it says continue this is a next page it will pop up where I'm ready to open the account here on the right hand side moving on we're going to need our Betfair account in a separate tab and our method of recording our bets whether that's this match betting nhacaiso.vip rookie tool box spreadsheet or your own means so I'm going to get this account open and pause the video and I'll meet you back here shortly okay we're back we've got the account open and I've got ten pound deposited when you go through the account signup process it's a little bit more length fees than some of the others which is not a problem and then when you come to deposit the default options are ten twenty thirty pounds so that's why I put ten in there I probably could have keyed in five but just for ease I put ten so it's up to you what you do looking at the terms of the offer this one the odds are one to one as a fraction as a decimal that is two so just be aware to double Grant's over or double reads you know you need to have a look at the terms because these might not be the same terms as when you decide to open ask I bet count and indeed on any bookie you should be double-checking the terms up until now most accounts that we've walked both accounts that we've opened have been minimum odds of 1.
5 so if you were to go forward and place that bet 1.
5 you're going to miss out on the 20-pound free bet any other terms are pretty similar deposit the cash card ie debit card you need to place a five-pound single bet not an accumulator and then your free bets are going to be credited as two lots of 10 pounds but like I say just double glanced over those so you're familiar with what the qualifying criteria is into the skybet account click on this little man icon come down to edit account details change the odds format to decimals and hit submit changes you will then need to log out and log back in for those changes to take effect but once you've done on that you should be open with money deposited and yeah you have odds change to decimals and you're ready to place a bet so on the home page here already we like to pick football so I'm going to select all matches by the day but if not navigate to football on the left and personally as you know unlike the Premier League so let's see what we can find so on we've got Saints playing Lester these ones below are different leagues so our criteria was - we got Lester at 2.
3 and we've got Lester to lay at 2.
4 for 2.
3 2.
4 for that's a forty-three pence qualifying loss for a 20-pound free bet that's okay so we've got 20 pounds Free Bet but normally I would have that around 20 25 pence I don't think sky's odds are the closest to the exchange so it's up to you how much you hunt around obviously we can and we will have a quick look at the matches on the Saturday so bright and Everton and we got 2.
9 and 2.
5 to Brighton two point nine two point nine six there we go so 27 pence qualifying loss on lay state being 498 the downside of that is it acquittee there's only three so you could place that and hope that the rest is going to get matched but that is not why I advise you should be looking for liquidity so you can get that match straight away because the odds could go against you so the other one was bright sorry Everton at 2.
5 and we've got two six eight it's not going to be as good that's 40 and so we would be better Nha cai so off with the Saints blessed to match their just have a look at one more Watford brought Bull mouth two point two eight forty two pence so I don't think I'm going to go for that instead of shopping around for too much longer that's what third at two one five five pound on tracker I'm just to mention that I've also recorded our skybet deposit and the fact that we've opened an account in the other two tabs if you're running with this spreadsheet so just key in this qualifying bet and I'll see you shortly okay with the qualifying bet placed the free bets are credited pretty quickly they've come through here on the right hand side you can see them and it took about 1 1 or 2 minutes just refresh your browser page and they're probably appear in a similar time fashion looking down through the bets I've already clicked through time look at the premiere on the Saturday there wasn't really anything in our odds range I found this Bernie Chelsea match at 4.
3 free like I say previously we are looking for matches with odds over 4 just to get better value out of the bet so I started looking at Sunday's matches and came across the Liverpool Tottenham draw which is on it 4.
6 and over on bet fair the same match the drawer is on it 4.
8 now you can see some other bets are still outstanding here these are from bets that we placed previously so where are we Liverpool Tottenham Liverpool Spurs here so that was a qualifier with coral so that's a good reason to have the BET trackers because if you're uncertain as to what that salary think you may have made a mistake when typing in bets you can always refer back to this to see how much you should have on but so go into the calculator backwards at four point six the stake is ten pound lay out at four point eight which means our lay state is 758 and then I'm just little parcel icon on the right of the box where you enter your stake to be able to select one of our free bets that's placed and that's come back there over to the bet tracker okay with that filled in on to our second bet sticking with the Premier League on Sunday we can see Arsenal palace 4.
8 okay we are for the draw with Crystal Palace 4.
8 select our second free bet laying at 7:52 you as well so there's our skybet welcome offer complete we had a qualifying bet with a 42 pence loss and we had two bets one was 7 pound 20 and profit 1 is 715 in profit so that's going to give us our two bets are going to earn us just over 14 pound but after we've deducted the 42 pence qualifier we're going to walk away with a 13 pounds and 93 pence profit I'll see you in the next video.

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