385nm for SL1?  

Studio Robbe
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Hi all,

I bought the SL1 printer for prototyping purpose.
Yet i found there are interesting resins produced by suppliers as DETAX (water soluble / silicon casting material ect.)
These materials are developed for printers such as the ASIGA brand.
The biggest difference with these high grade printers is the use of 385nm and their price 🙂 
Would there be a way to replace the LED module of the SL1 from a 405nm LED matrix to a 385nm Matrix?

Are there other people who would also like a 385nm mod aswell?


Posted : 12/03/2020 2:42 pm
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I have several resins that are rated at 385nm.  I use them on the SL1 without modification.  I find the calibration files have worked for me to get acceptable prints.  It certainly isn't as fast as the higher end MSLA printers out there.  But the print quality is just as good in my opinion.  

Posted : 18/10/2020 4:47 pm
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hello @studio-robbe

the problem is the 385 dental stuff is really hard to cure with 405. one mateial I tried with over 20sek per 50my layer, and the prints weren´t good….

I´m right now asking Prusa if they can provide any Infos, so I can let rebulid a new platine with 385nm, a rebulid of the existing alu-platine won´t be done here in switzerland, or eventually they can order a small lot of 385nm Plantines for me.

the Asiga MAX is also ordered, for the reason I need to provide an closed processing line inclusive the post cure in no Oxygen, to get an proper class 2a dental product…...

but I´m curious what I can get aut of the wonderfull SL1


stay healthy


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Posted : 26/11/2020 3:04 pm

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