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Tunnelling artefact  

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Tunnelling artefact

I am printing, in Prusa Transparent Tough, at 0.05 mm layer height. 

I am trying to print with no supports; the piece sits directly upon the bed.  Its form does not change with height.

On every example I have printed, there has been a pair of very fine holes, ~ 0.5 mm diameter, horizontally traversing between two sides of a wall whose thickness is < 1 mm.

Under magnification, it seems that the holes appear at the transition between base layers and higher layers.  They are about 0.5 mm from the base of the print.

On one side of the wall is a series of vertical concave arcs with diameter 0.8 mm.  The two holes are between the outer, flat face and these two hollows, at the point that the distance between the two faces is at its minimum.

The consistency of the thing sounds like it might be a problem with the design, or slicing, but I have checked every .png file of the layers and no such tunnels appear.

It must be something to do with surface tension and perhaps a minute flow of resin during curing.

Even if I print 50 of these, in the same print, they all have these two holes, so it is nothing to do with cleanliness of the bed or murky resin or any of that stuff.

Ideas about this would be welcome.


Posted : 14/12/2019 1:00 am
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RE: Tunnelling artefact


I am having the same tunneling artifact with my prints despite filtering the resin repeatedly, changing FEP film, and increasing exposure times and supports. In fact, the problem seems to be increasing. At this point the tunneling artifact is consistently occurring in the same location within the build area.

I wonder if it couldn’t be a sign of the LCD panel failing? But I don’t know how to check out that theory

Posted : 04/04/2020 8:36 am
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RE: Tunnelling artefact


I've been having the same problem.

If you open the "Wizard" on you SL1, it displays the Prusa logo onto the screen. If the logo is intact, your LCD is probably fine, otherwise there is a problem with your LCD and you should contact support.

Posted : 13/05/2020 5:37 am