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First layers of model encounter issues.  

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First layers of model encounter issues.

Im using the SL1 and the Prusa Magenta Resin. Layerthickness is 0,05. I also increased the support thickness a bit and the needle penetration (or what it is called in english. Have the settings in my language, Im sorry for any inconvienience). First Layer time was upped to 55 and the layer time upped to 7,4

I have now printed 4 things with it:

a sheep 3 times and that "dog".

It seems that the surfaces of the model which come in first contact with the supports, have issues. I also tried to re orientate the sheep, but the "flattness" of that are moved with the orientation of course. Sadly I dont have pictures of the other 2 failed sheeps, since working collegues stole the two.

The Dog has the issue on its ears. 

I havent encountered such an issue before, so I wonder if it is a known problem with that resin or I have done something other stupid.
The FEP is a fresh clean one. I will also try to reorientate the model and take a look, if it will appear on the other side of the screen, too. Havent done it by now.


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Posted : 27/09/2021 7:10 am
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Adding more supports

Hello Weichnudel,


I think you have to continue playing around with the support settings. Eventually, adding more supports for the position where the print starts first would already do the trick. For me, it looks like the print starts to stick to the FEP-foil and eventually comes off at a later point where enough supports hold it to the building platform. I would start there. If it's not enough yet, you might also have to further increase support head front diameter and penetration (for the dog, I can see two positions where the support is not connected to the object anymore).


I hope, it helps... good luck!

Posted : 27/09/2021 1:30 pm
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Topic starter answered:
Thanks for the suggestion!

I will try that!

Thatnks for the suggestion!


Posted : 28/09/2021 11:57 am