Tilt getting stuck on prints with large area  

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I have been having trouble with the tilt mechanism failing to peel away prints that take up over 50% of the build plate. These are the layers that make up the pad underneath the supports. If I open the lid and push the tray down during those layers, it works, but it's probably not good for the machine.

When it sticks it creates the "hammering" described in an earlier post here: https://forum.prusaprinters.org/forum/original-prusa-sl1-hardware-firmware-and-software-help/sl1-hammering-noises-is-this-normal/ . I initially thought it was a calibration problem and also tried printing at a larger layer height, which didn't help.

Are there any tips to printing things with an initial large area on the build plate? Thank you in advance.

Posted : 02/09/2020 8:32 am
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I had the same problem today.

When placing too large models or too many models into the slicer this problem seems to occur. But I already used much more of 50% without any troube.

I already changed the FEP foil and did a lot of recalibrations. Again and again the hammering noice starts comming up after printing the first layers.

There stucks some hardened resin onto the FEP foil. When the bed comes back from tilting it can't go into the right position (as there is stuff stucking onto the foil) and the hammering noise comes up.

Will try tomorrow to split this job into two prints and hope the SL will do right again.

But usually I expect from the SL1 to be capable to use the full print bed so far....

Posted : 12/09/2020 12:18 am

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