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[Sticky] 3.1.0 Firmware for Original Prusa CW1/CW1S  

Same Old Shane
3.1.0 Firmware for Original Prusa CW1/CW1S

Hello all, We are pleased to announce a new firmware update for our CW1/CW1S. Below you will learn of the changes and download links are below. Please make sure to download the correct version as there are 2 different versions between the CW1 and CW1S.


  • Support for CW1S
  • Drying temperature increased (CW1S)
  • Drying session extended
  • Hold platform (new feature)
  • Improved translations

This is the final release of firmware 3.1.0, the first firmware release with support for both the CW1 and the new CW1S. Attention, the firmware is not universal, each device requires its own firmware file!

Support for CW1S

This release of the firmware brings support for the recently announced Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine CW1S. The CW1S features a reworked heating system, which required a completely redesigned heating algorithm.

Attention! The CW1S requires a different firmware file than the CW1. Do not attempt to flash firmware intended for the other version. It might result in damage to the device!

Drying temperature increased (CW1S)

As mentioned above, the CW1S brings reworked internals with the aim to improve its drying capabilities. This firmware release enables CW1S owners to increase the target temperature up to 60 °C. Note that the limit for CW1 is 40 °C.

Drying session extended

Previously, the system allowed for a 10 minutes drying session. This is now extended to 60 minutes for both CW1 and CW1S.

Hold platform (new feature)

Original Prusa CW1S brings a removable platform protected with an FEP film. Once there is a bigger amount of residue on the film, it might be necessary to replace it with a new one. To help align the platform back to its original position, the user can activate “Hold platform” from the menu.

The motor gets “locked” (rotation is disabled) by the system, temporarily allowing the user to align the platform properly. Once the platform is properly seated, exit the menu to “unlock” the motor.

Improved translations

Since there are some changes to firmware 3.1.0, the translators have rechecked all the language strings. Should you find any incorrect translations, please let us know.

Supported Euqipment; Original Prusa CW1/CW1S

Download link:

Please report any bug here:

Shane (AKA FromPrusa)...
Posted : 20/07/2021 6:06 pm
Noble Member
CW1 -> CW1.5

I've found the upgrade guide.

Why do you guys speak of a CW1 to CW1S upgrade when the CW1S firmware is incompatible with the CW1?

The "real" CW1S has a new heating system.

It is a partial upgrade like the MK2 to Mk2.5 upgrade. So it should be called CW1.5 or CW1+.

Posted : 22/07/2021 7:27 am
New Member
Temperature while curing

CW1S owners to increase the target temperature up to 60 °C

Can it also provide the 60°C while curing? I spotted some resins (the Formfutura ones for example) that suggest curing the parts for 20-30 minutes at 65°C. 

Posted : 25/07/2021 10:02 pm