Problem with UV LEDs of my new SL1 and support (or lack of thereof)

Problem with UV LEDs of my new SL1 and support (or lack of thereof)  

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So I build this SL1 kit, finally had time to do it. Everything went well until 'preflight check' and Setup Wizard Step 6 - Display test:

UV LED never came on and I've got the following error:

UV voltages differ too much.
Values are 14.154, 13.471, 14.200

I unplugged the connector  and plugged it back on - no change. So I started the support chat - but that was not much help - I send the guy a picture of the connector, and screen with the error and he didn't have any suggestion and it was gatting late here (1 am Mountain Time). I asked for a troubleshooting procedure to be emailed to me and the person responded:

"Alright, no problem. We will contact you back, if you find more details about issue you can use our email"

So next day I didn't get any emails from support and did some toubleshooting on my own:

- unplugged the UV LED cable at the controller and plugged it again
- restarted the setup wizard with the same error
- measured the power supply voltage at the controller board = 24.0 V
- checked the UV LED cable at the UV LED disconnected and plugged in again
- restarted the setup wizard with the same error 
- re-flashed the firmware to 1.3.0 and repeated the wizard, same error
Described above in a nice e-mail (send Friday June 05 my time)  with a copy of support chat and no response so far.
Follow up with another email yesterday and no response.
In my opinion, there is an issue with LED panel or drive circuitry on the control board.
I am attaching a couple of pictures, perhaps someone has any ideas. 
UV LED connector and the control boardUV LED panelUV LED Error
Posted : 11/06/2020 5:49 am
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Support chat is really the only way to deal with support. The emails are rarely answered in under 3 days or more. All you can do is to get on chat and complain that you have been sent a defective product. If the person you are speaking to is not helpful ask to be escalated.

Once upon a time every Prusa support helper used to be good and go the extra mile. Lately they seem to be employing the more common type of useless helpdesk chair filler which is very sad.

Good luck!

Posted : 12/06/2020 9:31 am
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I have a similar problem to you Arthur.  My LED voltages are reading [24.14, 14.13, 24.11].  Only LED strip 2 is actually illuminating. 

Did you manage to get this resolved? 

Posted : 23/06/2020 7:58 am

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