Buffer filament change modification  

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Do not ask my why, but the orientation of the pictures is wrong  left is bottom -> grrrrr


Filament is comming from the bottom


the old screw-hole I have closed with a allen screw (without head)


load the filament to the MMU2S open the right screw (for the middle filament do not remove the screw completely)


slide all together and fit the screw.


for the two ones in the backgroud, I modified the screw for easier operation. The middle one in front, is not in the right position in the picture. Here only to view the fit / angle

it is working fine, especially for big fingers and thumbs. For the screws I drilled holes into the buffer 2.5mm and threads. The "silver" screws fix the PTFE-tubings like in the original Buffer.


I hope Prusa will think about this design.

P.S.: With a change in the bottom PTFE-tubes, now the buffer is working well.


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Posted : 12/11/2019 8:21 pm

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