Strange problem loading wood fillament  

Marcel Spijker
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Hello fellow printers,

I have a good working MK3S and MMU2s for almost a year now.
And it is still working prefect in multicolor and single color when using PLA and PETG. 

But... when i want to use wood fillament (colorfab) it will load/unload/load/unload etc.
This only happens with the wood fillament. It dous not matter if i use the colorfab wood profile or prusament PLA profile.

I hope someone here have a idea of why this is happening and how i can solve this becouse i realy wanted to print a present in the wood fillament.


Posted : 18/05/2020 7:17 pm
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What are the sensors showing in the Support page?

Posted : 18/05/2020 10:36 pm
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Try disabling the filament sensors. The sensors just don't like some filaments. 

Posted : 18/05/2020 11:18 pm
Marcel Spijker
New Member

Thank you @1agkirk2 and @darcshadow for your inputs, it got me thinking 🙂

Ok, so i am printing the wood fillament right now.

To get it to work i had to disconnect the MMUS2 and sliced the model for a normal MK3s.
I unpluged the tube from the extruder to insert the wood fillament directley with the load fillament function.
Then started the print.

I did also some testing with the fillemnet sensors, and everytime i manualy instert a peice of fillement it would be detected and when i removed it, it also sees it corectly. So why the MMU2S and the MK3S do not work together with this fillemant is for me a big puzzle.

It is until now the only fillament that i have this issue with.

I also have the bronsfil so that will be the next try... 

Posted : 19/05/2020 8:23 am

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